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Everest Institute - Tigard

Everest Institute in Tigard, OR

If you're interested in working in the health care field, Everest Institute - Tigard, located in the Portland area, might be an education worth considering.

Everest's programs can give you the training and life skills you need to excel in many of today's high-demand health care career fields. Everest can help you succeed by providing the following:

Hands-on Training

Hands-on training can help you learn faster and better. In many cases, you're able to work with the tools, equipment, or programs that you'll often find in a real-world scenario. This means you can transfer your knowledge and experience to a new career on day one of employment.

Career Placement Services

Everest works with graduates in making sure their resumes are up to speed, have knowledge of the appropriate industry dress codes, and know how to handle themselves in diverse business situations.

Small Work Teams

Small work teams allow instructors and students to work more closely together. This can benefit you tremendously if you need extra support or classroom assistance.

Instructors with Real-World Knowledge and Experience

Another great benefit of attending Everest is being able to learn from instructors with real-time knowledge and experience. Not everything can be learned from a textbook.

If you're interested in attending Everest Institute Tigard, OR, and you live in the 37223 or surrounding zip code areas, contact Everest today to find out how you can begin training in the career of your dreams.

Everest Institute - Tigard

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